J was wearing my dress, so I used a cape and a wig. I changed after we arrived, not wanting to catch my cape in the bicycle spokes. Posted by Picasa

The garden where the Halloween party was held had a nice display on witchcraft. Posted by Picasa

Halloween Party

After a week of deliberations, this is what we ended up as; J was a witch in black, L was a vampire, M was a green witch, N was Donald Duck (her mask is on a hood hanging off the back of her shirt) and some kid we don't know (this was usually my youngest brother in everyone else's Disneyland photos) was another vampire.
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Tis the season!

Tis the season!
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Play group annual Halloween party was a big success.


Fun for All at Sports Festival

S participated in the "Eye of the Typhoon" relay race with some other fathers of kids in L's class. They had to run around two cones and back to the next group of three in their team. They came in last in spite of S's powerful swing (which was quite a surprise to the other two dads), but they all had fun. Posted by Picasa

The 7th and Final Kindergarten Sports Festival

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Relay Runner L in the lead at his kindergarten's annual sports festival. He really enjoys running and does laps when we go to the park. The girls' elementary school will hold a similar event in mid November. L's event was a morning affair and S suggested that we go out for lunch to celebrate L's victories. Fine with me. Most schools have longer, all day sports festivals requiring fancy picnic lunches for the family.