The mother of one of L's playmates who lives near the junior high school asked if L had two elder sisters there. She wanted to know if they were twins and was surprised when I said that they were in 7th and 8th grade. She went on to comment on how much they look alike and how wonderful it was that they were both in the track and field club. She'd seen them running laps around the school, one always a few minutes after the other. She was flabbergasted to learn that it was only M running lap after lap and that J is in the brass band. M was pleased to hear that her speedy laps had confused someone into thinking she was twins.

March is the end of the school year and M and J have three days of final exams next week so I'm taking L and N off for a sports event tomorrow and a friend's birthday on Sunday to cut down on the commotion factor so the girls can study a little.


Not much happening

I've had a cold three weekends in a row and spoke with my oncologist about it between the second and third times. My white blood cell count is still plenty high, which is good in terms of treatment. I just come into contact with too many people I suppose. We did speak about taking a break from the Taxol (chemotherapy) part of the regime from March or April and staying on the cancer supressing Herceptin as a QOL decision (quality of life).

I'm looking forward to seeing Mrs. Y, my former host mother, on Tuesday after treatment and then will going in a little later than usual the next Tuesday as my downstairs neighbor has her quarterly appointment and would like to travel there with me. The trains are less crowded after 9 a.m. but the wait for a chair or bed for the I.V. may be a little longer. This shouldn't be a problem though, as it is my "Herceptin only" day this month and the I.V. itself will only take an hour or ninety minutes instead of three hours. We can chat if she finishes before I do and then come home together.



I haven't posted much lately. A week ago today a seven year old little boy from down the hall was hit and killed by a kindergarten bus and we've all been quite sad. Today his little brother started taking his own kindergarten bus again but already he seems a little more grown up after losing his big brother and the week of mourning, wakes and funerals disrupting and changing his life forever.