An Encore

J's artwork was chosen again for the annual public school art exhibit at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art in Ueno. I'll be sure to take a picture and post it here when we get it back. We took the opportunity to go look at the exhibit and buy a book bag for high school at Ameyoko Street, the land of discount shops.

A friend and I took the train out to Chiba yesterday to attend the Gala Banquet celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese. Actually, there was a three day convention and the dinner was on the second night but I just couldn't manage to get out for that long. I really enjoyed meeting many of the ladies I'd been corresponding with in our e-groups in real life. The food and entertainment were fantastic and I had a blast. I'm glad my friend was with me because the train ride home was very long.


Too Busy to Post Much

Thank you for crossing your fingers for J. She had her exam and group interview for her first choice high school on January 27th. Most of the students we saw returning to the nearest station as we were on our way to check the results on the wall outside the school office on February 3rd looked pretty glum so she was very nervous by the time we got there. She was overjoyed to find her number on the list of students who were accepted. Wooo hoooo!

There is an orientation for her on March 24th, so we've decided not to go to the U.S. this spring. I will probably go in July with just the younger two or maybe even on my own. My high school class is planning a reunion. M can't miss any school this coming year if she wants to apply for early decision by interview for the high school she's thinking about and J will be busy all summer with brass band and high school culture festival preparations so a trip for them is out. N will have a school trip to the beach in Chiba at the end of July and S won't be too happy if she or L miss any school so the solo trip is looking better (and more relaxing for me!) My brother and his family may be travelling to Japan this summer so I guess I should try to coordinate a little more. So much to think about...

This puts us back at square one of the bucket list; taking the kids skiing. I found a very cheap bus tour that gives us transportation to and from Tokyo, two full days of lift tickets, a night in a small hotel with an all-you-can eat chicken hotpot dinner and buffet breakfast and free skiwear and ski rental. We leave on Friday night March 6th from Harajuku and spend a night on the bus and the bus home leaves the ski area around 4 p.m. on Sunday so nobody has to miss any school and we can make the most of our weekend in the snow.

My next task is to scour the local second-hand shops for goggles and gloves for L, N and myself. J & M are set as I was given said items last year for their school ski trip.

The next item on my list was to attend one of the national events of a women's club I'm in. Each year the Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese has a convention somewhere in Japan. I've never been in a position to travel without the kids (or with them much for that matter) but this year the convention will be near Tokyo. I still can't really spend a night or two away without a lot of grief but I have managed to sign myself up for the celebration banquet on the second evening and plan to make a nice day of it. It's a chance to meet old friends and new who are coming from all over Japan for a workshops and social fun. I'm loking forward to meeting some of the women from some of my e-groups there. This year is the 40th anniversary of the founding of the club and I've heard that about 160 women will be at the celebration (note to self - search for my black slip to go under the sexy dress I plan to wear). My friend from Maine who lives down the street will go with me. I expect we'll be on one of the last trains home that evening.

Nothing like going hog wild and getting out twice in the same decade.