So many treats!

I have been lavishly spoiled this past week with presents from friends. A friend from English Playgroup days knitted me a beautiful cotton hat for spring in a denim and cream color. She confided that I was the first person outside of her family to receive one of her creations and I felt very special. Tuesday at my 3rd chemotherapy session, the nurse gave me a set of aromatic candles and incense to encourage me to relax. I'd given her some books to pass on to her American husband and she wanted to thank me.

Today, after a morning practice session dancing with some of the other moms of L's classmates to remember our routine for this year's graduation party entertainment, I met the current leader of the English play group and her soon to be 2 year old son for lunch. She brought a lovely bag of treats including organic coffee, an electric latte whipper, some vanilla syrup to flavor my lattes, camomille tea, cookies and Italian hazelnut chocolates and told me to pamper myself.

Tuesday's session went without any problems. I'd been worried about some swollen veins but the swelling was down and the damage wasn't permanent. Blood tests were OK and I was given the A.O.K. for the chemotherapy drip and home by lunchtime. I was very careful to take the anti-nausea meds as soon as I got home instead of waiting until dinnertime and I rested all afternoon and evening but returned to my normal energy level by Wednesday.

My next appointment is Tuesday, March 14th. That will be the last of the first type of chemo and after that the second type will be administered every 2 weeks for an additional 8 treatments. Apparently the type I've been getting is more debilitating than the second type, and the nurses were cheering me on about making it this far. I feel I've been very lucky regarding side effects (or rather lack of them) though.

Now I have to start looking in the toybox for the Minnie Mouse ears I'll need for the graduation party dance routine...and hope they fit over my wig.

Oh, I almost forgot the best part of the day. The election committee for the apartment management board came by to ask me to sign on for another 2 year term but I heard them coming in the hall and answered the door without a wig or a hat. They graciously accepted my resignation due to obvious health concerns and I finish my term on schedule at the end of March. Now I'd better get the books in order to pass on to the next treasurer.


M's Bag

M's Bag
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M's sewing project was featured on this magazine cover (thanks to the same photo-editting software).

2nd Grade Art

N's Art on Display
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N laughed when she saw her painting on display in a street somewhere, thanks to on-line photo-editting toys.

6th Grade Art - Flowers

6th Grade Art - Picture
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Last Saturday was the biannual elementary art exhibit. Two projects per child were displayed, filling the gym with art. J's picture was the first one on display in the 6th grade section and got comments from other kids and parents.

6th Grade Art - Swedish Embroidery

6th Grade Art - Swedish Embroidery
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This was J's "other" item on display. She embroidered it at school last fall.


Doing OK

The 2nd chemo treatment went OK on Tuesday morning, but I messed up a little with the timing of the anti-nausea pills and got sick in the evening. A good night's sleep, rest the next day and careful timing of the pills after that worked and I was able to teach my Wednesday evening classes. I biked around doing errands today and feel fine.

Mrs. Y came over and took me and the kids out for dinner at the local "family restaraunt" (similar to Denny's) while S was out teaching. The kids were their usual overly energetic selves so I was glad we had seating in the back corner of the non-smoking section (they still have them in Japan)away from most of the other diners. It'll be a few years before I dare take them to any upscale places to eat (Image: feeding frenzy). Mrs. Y, of course, was perfectly mannered and pleasant company. She encouraged everyone to order and eat all sorts of food so we are all now extremely full. Thank you Mrs. Y, we were very glad to see you today.