Too Busy To Post

Well, my kids are just having an awesome time traveling all over New York State and seeing rainbows here and there. I managed to connect with a few classmates at the local pub and then more again at another classmate's annual picnic on his farm with an awesome view. (We're returning tomorrow for a hayride behind some beautiful Belgian draft horses). They were most impressed by Niagara Falls and still full of energy after hiking up Whiteface with my brother and his family. The Enchanted Forest in Old Forge with water park fun and carnival rides among the fiberglass fairy tale characters satisfied their hunger for cheesy entertainment and they were quite excited to take the wheel for a while on my cousin's party boat at White Lake. My brother and his wife hosted an August birthday bash for my niece, N and L at my brother's place with some mean margaritas, fajitas and a wonderful spinach salad last night.

Among and around all of these activities N has had two piano lessons from a very pleasant local piano teacher and is practicing some exercises now without being asked or told to do so. She sat down at Mom's piano when we arrived and started playing although she hadn't had any music lessons other than at elementary school and my mom was excited that is actually sounded like music. We'll be looking into lessons in Tokyo and trying to figure out the logistics of piano access if N would like to continue.