I'm getting lots of it running around taking N to school when she has too much to carry or if it rains. Last week we had a call from school; N had hurt her foot and perhaps it should be looked at. S cycled over to school and gave her a ride home. He said he thought it was a sprain and we iced it and made her rest with it raised a bit. I took her down the street for and x-ray and we learned that she'd broken her fifth metatarsal bone in her left foot. She has a removable cast so she can shower and has to use crutches to keep weight off of it for a while. It makes carrying a lot of stuff to and from school a bit troublesome. Fortunately, some friends are glad to help her out on the way home so I don't have to pick her up. I hope that she's learned a lesson about jumping down the stairs from the fifth step instead of walking to the bottom.

I had my second Navelbine "push" on Tuesday. It knocked me out as much as it did the first time. I guess Tuesdays will be my down days for a while. A little meal planning on Monday should let me sleep all afternoon, evening and night Tuesdays. I think I'll take a break on the 28th of this month when J and M have their music festival at school; I'd hate to rush back to catch the second half of it and sleep in my seat there.