Fortunate with Neighbors

I've been lazing around home without much energy lately and shocking door to door salesmen with my shiny head (I should leave a hat in the entryway.) One of the track team moms has been bringing by scrumptious things for dinner on Wednesdays which has really helped me through the week. Yesterday, the doorbell rang and, assuming it was the the track team mom, I opened the wide to find another neighbor bearing food. She says she doesn't read English but she'd noticed there hadn't been any blog updates since February so here I am, before my afternoon nap, actually using the laptop.

Of course I'll have to rest up a little more before I can write my daughter has gone to attend high school in the U.S. and is having the time of her life so far and all about the house visit doctors and nurse I've signed up for. Negotiations with the various divisions in city hall have been made so the if and when I need care, I can get it right away. In the meantime, time for a snooze.