HATS HATS HATS! Free Shipping!

I just updated my links on this blog to include a link to CJ Hats, a company founded by an Inflammatory Breast Cancer survivor who really understands about comfortable head wear and full coverage. I have about an inch of hair in some places now (this time around I have a very receding hairline and look like Phil Collins), in spite of the continuing chemotherapy and I am very glad to have nice hats to keep my head warm and comfy so I don't have to wear wigs everyday. Some of my hats are from friends here in Japan who have knitted, crocheted or sewn them and others are from CJ Hats. Mary Ann, the owner, offers advice and encouragement in addition to a very large variety of hats at very reasonable prices.

Right now, CJ Hats has a FREE SHIPPING OFFER and it's WORLDWIDE! (Friends here in Japan are often frustrated by the lack of international shipping services when shopping on-line). The site http://www.cjhats.com/ explains that shipping within the U.S. is free for orders over $50 and internationally for orders over $75.


Smells Goooood!

The funny and nice old woman from downstairs came by last night to ask for a loan of some rice until her pension arrives in mid February. She is very tiny and any shopping at all involves a long trip to the store and back with her day pack. She uses the day pack to keep both hands free to find her way there and back and it takes her about an hour to navigate the journey downstairs, out to the street and slightly more than a hundred yards down the street to the nearest convenience store and back and she tells me that the two or three items (a sweet red bean paste filled roll, instant noodles and a chocolate bar usually) that she buys are very heavy to carry. I can't imagine her lugging a few pounds of rice home from other farther away stores (she is specific about where each type of product should be acquired and very loyal to each store she visits). Although she is very reluctant to make use of the various delivery services, not wanting to be seen as anything but totally self sufficient, she has relaxed a little and will let me help out with the rice and a few other things, always insisting on giving me money later, when her bimonthly pension payments arrive. She always insists in paying me more than necessary so I stop by with treats like the sushi egg omelets that I "have too much of" or brownies, which I know she likes. Yesterday she stopped by to chat for a couple of hours while I cleaned the kitchen and she decided to give us her toaster that she never uses. Now I'm baking bread so we have something to toast this morning.


Forgot to say thanks for the s'mores....

We had an early Christmas dinner on Dec. 22 followed by S'mores made with ingredients in the big box Mom and Dad mailed us full of Christmas presents. It smelled like a summer evening with all the marshmallows roasting over individual candles. Roasting time was greatly increased due to lower calories of tea candles versus the heat of post BBQ coals. It made for an entire evening of fun.


Happy New Year!

Winter break is winding down. School and treatments both begin on Tuesday.

Warmest wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy 2008.