With school and other busy things happening on the 24th and 25th, it didn't feel much like Christmas. Santa knew that I had an early hospital appointment on Christmas Day so he did a fly-by and deposited a few presents for the children on the balcony while they were watching TV in another room on Christmas Eve. I hope the neighbors weren't troubled by the crescendo and decrescendo of sleigh bells punctuated by a thump on the balcony in between. The girls got clothes and L got some batting gloves. We were lucky enough to score a hand-me-down uniform. A diminutive classmate of N's has graduated the little league and his mom called to ask to come over so she could give us the entire summer and winter set and an aluminim bat to boot. Everything was just the right size and it was in great condition so L was quite happy.

J and her brass ensemble have been practicing for a competition, so she's been busy all week and will begin her New Year's break tomorrow. The other 3 children started their break on the 26th. We'll have some friends over for a turkey dinner tomorrow.
Then N will have the pins in her arm removed and get a new cast the next day. Always busy, never dull.