June has come and almost gone

I have been moping around all month, lamenting the heat and humidity and not really doing much at all. I have managed to get plans rolling to visit my parents from late July for three weeks with the younger three children. J has too many things going on at school to get away so she'll be in charge of the cat and S is terrified of flying and being surrounded by friendly strangers so he'll be in charge of himself.

I had to make a few trips to the Japanese passport office to get the documents right before they'd accept our applications for the kids' passports (L's signature was outside of the lines but they wouldn't let me sign and add "by mother" as they determined that he's old enough to sign for himself so I had to fill out a new application, take it home, have him sign it again...) I think I have everything right now, per their instructions, and will turn in the applications tomorrow morning. My British friend was kind enough to drive me there last week and also swing by the immigration office so I could transfer my residence permit into my not so new passport and purchase a multiple use re-entry permit valid for three years. She has offered to give me a ride tomorrow too. I'm very glad as her car is airconditioned and she is entertaining. Much nicer than the train. We were able to meet two North American friends for an inexpensive Indian buffet lunch to boot.

Belated Mothers' Day Photos

Here are some pictures of our Mothers' Day Hike