Grand Openings and free haircuts

A new store of a national supermarket chain had it's Grand Opening today. Two years ago Walmart acquired the majority of stocks so they've been here in Japan reorganizing the franchise. The head honcho and a few high level ex-pats were there with a translator to welcome customers and greet the new staff. One of them admitted to me that Walmart still doesn't really have a grasp on the market here, but are pleased with how the chain has been adapting to the new logistics. I imagine that an entire wall dedicated to fresh seafood is new to Walmart. Squid were only 100 yen each so I bought a bunch to gut, skin and freeze for sashimi.

The guy said that his kids go to the American school near here. He seemed glad to have a chance to talk with a customer without a translator and a bunch of photographers. I was relieved about the lack of photographers in the frozen foods section as my hair is absolutely awful these days; no shape, too much volume (especially the 86 percent of my hair which constitutes my bangs), frizzy out of control...

Anyway, I noticed a sign at a local hair salon recruiting "cut models" and walked in to inquire if my medium short blob (alas, not bob...) could be of any service to their trainees. They said that as long as I agreed to let them cut at least an inch, that they would be glad to practice on me. I'm scheduled for shearing tomorrow at 7:10 p.m., after the store closes for the day. I guess I should take a before picture and an after picture, not that it will make a difference after I wash it at home a few days later. It'll just be an inch smaller all around.