Sniffles All Around

L has been home from kindergarten all week with a cold and now the girls are sniffling as well. The girls are all getting ready for the school drama festival which will be held in November. Mom and Dad attended J's festival four years ago. This year the first graders are doing a Japanese folk tale and N will be kappa no. 17 of 23 kappas, fictional turtle-like almost human prankster creatures. M's grade will do a story about elephants in pre and post war Japan. She'll be a circus acrobat with no solo lines. J will be in the music pit for their production of the Wizard of Oz. The teacher asked the children with the book at home to bring it to school so they could share and read to get a good idea of the entire story. Nobody wanted to share with J because we only had a nice reproduction of the original book in English but J was glad to have such a nice copy.