Lab Results

My surgeon showed me page of cross sections of the removed tissue and tumor and told me that he is confidant that he got it all and radiation isn't necessary. He also confirmed that as no cancer was detected in the 4 lymph nodes he had removed, I won't need chemotherapy either. He did say that if I felt more comfortable, I could have the follow up radiation for peace of mind, but that he didn't feel it was necessary.

The tumor was estrogen receptive, so he prescribed Nolvadex-D (30.4mg of Tamoxifen Citrate which is equivalent to 20mg of Tamofixen) daily for the next 5 years as a preventative measure. Japanese National Health Insurance (NHI) will only permit 2 weeks of medicine at a time, so I'll go back in two weeks to get my next 2 week prescription and a blood test, just before the New Year's holidays.

After another visit in mid January, I'll begin seeing the doctor at a smaller, not-so-far-away clinic where he arranges appointments two days a month as a visiting specialist. He said to expect monthly check-up exams for five years, and that he will arrange to have other doctors at the smaller clinic to write prescriptions to be filled between exams. The smaller clinic is about 15 minutes by bike, instead of the 40 minutes it took me today with L on the bike up a big hill to the university hospital.

Speaking of NHI, I found out that if my 30% (NHI covers the other 70%) of the bill at a single medical institution exceeds about 700 dollars in a calendar month, the excess will be refunded to our bank account in two months. S didn't believe me and had me take my receipts from November to city hall to learn more. He was very relieved that we'll be getting about 1,300 dollars back in February.