Karaoke Klub

Friends came over for a TAKOYAKI party yesterday. After tanking up on slightly burned balls of batter filled with pieces octopus and other ingredients, slathered with a rich, sweet and savory sauce and AONORI seaweed sprinkles, we all decided to go to a local KARAOKE entertainment center. The center has several floors of small rooms, each with its own large screen TV and song receiver/player. We rented a room for 3 hours for about $3.00 per adult as it was the weekday pre-6p.m. special rate. Kids are free (but must be accompanied by an adult) so our group of 3 adults and 6 kids was a deal.

S was surprised to see other people we know on our way in and out. He had assumed that only gangsters and other "bad" people went and here were several classmates of J's and M's and a few families with children who study English at his school (he must not have screened them well enough!). This was our first time as a family to go out for KARAOKE, if you hadn't guessed.

He now knows that it's a good place to let the kids go ahead and be noisy. It was cozy and warm and they all had a great time. When we go again, we have to take an extra microphone for N, as she latched on the the microphone every time a song she knew came on, regardless of whether she requested the song or not and her sisters missed out on a few turns to sing. Even L did well.

Today, the children set up their own KARAOKE room by arranging chairs in a rectangle and taking turns singing songs. The poor neighbors.