The Circus is Coming

At this morning's building management committee meeting, I was given 5 free tickets to the circus which will be here from mid March until early May. The tickets are valid for free admission on March 28, 29, 30 and April 1. This is perfect for a family trip to the circus on April 1 when Mom and Dad are here. I'm glad that Tokyo is at the end of their Asian trip so they won't sleep through the circus from jet lag.

In a few weeks, if more free tickets don't fall into my lap, I'll buy 2 children's advance sale tickets for 1,700 yen each and use the free tickets for the rest of us. What could have been 17,000 yen at the gate for 3 adults (3,000 yen each) and 4 children (2,000 yen each) will only cost 3,400 yen. S said he'll probably stay home that day to enjoy our home while the "circus" is away.