Computer Savvy...not!

I learned that our account was bouncing e-mails recently and couldn't figure out why. I check my mail daily so messages shouldn't be bouncing. I got sick of all the junk mail that we'd been getting and, not wanting S to accidentally open any virus attachments while I was in the hospital, I set up a number of rules forbidding certain types of messages from being downloaded from the server (messages containing certain words like mortgage, finance, cheating wives and enlarge). I assumed that the messages would disappear from the mailbox after being refused. This was not the case. I removed all the rules to see if that was why my downloading was so slow these days and over 900 messages dated from early November arrived in the mailbox, about 60 of them with dubious attachments...Duh!

I waded through and found a few messages from family (yes I received the book Elizabeth, and thank you for the messages I wasn't ignoring you on purpose.) and friends (you wanted to get together when and where for coffee?). The other 900 plus messages were junk mail. Now that the pop mailbox is empty, downloading is almost instant. Ya lurn sumpin everday.