Report Cards

Today was the last day of the school year here and the girls brought home their report cards. They also brought home a trimester's worth of marked papers, art works, musical instruments and whatever else was in their desk. All year N has been reluctant to be seen or heard doing homework, even though the parents are expected to give her marks on her oral reading performance and math practice on a special mark sheet periodically. She announced each day that she had finished her homework, not mentioning the oral part and forged the parental marking portion. I hear her reading stories out loud to L and know that she's reading above level for her grade and that her class reads the work out loud at school several times, so I didn't bug her too much about not reciting.

My handwriting isn't so wonderful, so it wasn't difficult for her to write my name beside the excellent marks she gave herself each day, but her dates gave her away. The marksheet came home today with a load of other papers and I smiled to see she had done such a great job reading everyday from December 30th through December 44th.