Pension Gifts

The Lady Downstairs

The nice lady from the third floor has graced us with another visit. She asked if it would be OK to give the children 500 yen each to pick out a book at the bookstore, saying that she was sure they could pick the books they like better than she could. She receives her national pension on the 15th of each month, and seems to spend the 2 preceding weeks thinking of how to use it. The children sat down with her on the floor near the front door joyfully accepted her gift money and chocolates, making her very happy. We biked to a bookstore in a new shopping center and got some craft books, a Pokemon board book and some manga, Japanese comic book style novelettes. We'll be sure to show her the books when she stops by next Saturday with red bean filled rice cakes wrapped in oak leaves (I think they're oak leaves) for Boy's Day a few days early.