J's Birthday

J did very well with the English notes for her birthday treasure hunt and successfully found the keys to her new bicycle on Monday morning. The girls were out of school for the day as a make up day for the previous Saturday when they had classes all morning for an open house. L had kindergarten, as kindergarten isn't part of the public school system. M made plans to visit a friend. We called one of J's friends and J, the friend, N and I rode our bikes to a nearby bowling alley for three games. N was pleased to get a combined score of 68 for her three games. After curry for lunch in a restaurant, we cycled home to decorate the cake before L came home. M brought her friend by at 3:00 when L also returned so we had a good number of voices for the Happy Birthday Song. The strawberry sponge cake with strawberry mousse filling and raspberry liqueur flavored whipped cream sold well.