Rainy Season

There's a street ,barely wide enough for bicycles, that connects the main street where we live and the parallel back street the children use to walk to school. On this street is a very small dilapidated 2 story house on a 4x5 yard plot of land. Although it is officially "rainy season" now, the big cactus is blooming with bright yellow flowers beside the shady blue hydrangeas in the 50 inch strip of garden bewteen the from of the house and the street. Small green citrus fruits which will grow to grapefruit sized pinkish orange fruits by winter fill the tree in the corner where the garden wraps around the south side of the house. An overgrown palm tree and a cherry tree, which was beautiful in April, are featured among the bushy hodgepodge of who knows what. It's a tiny patch of jungle in the city and, somehow, calming. I really have to get a picture.