Tired of manually spinning the clothes in my broken washer before hanging them out to dry, today, with permission from S, I used his credit card to buy a new washer. The new machine has twice the capacity of the 15 year old heap of plastic it will replace tomorrow when it is delivered. Then I bought a fluffy blue floor covering to go under our heated table. The kids were quite excited to see me arrive home with a bulky package and are now sitting quietly around the table with toasty warm toes. I rushed home to avoid overheating the magnetic strip on the card.

Today's hospital trip was OK, I felt a little nauseous, but I think it was the bus ride, not the radiation, doing that. I sit near the front and look out the window if I can. Due to the nature of the bus course, a number of older people with canes and heavily pregnant women ride the bus, so I usually stand up and offer my seat. These people usually don't venture to the back of the bus, so if there are seats available, I could sit back there, but that's usually where I begin getting flashbacks of Osh Kosh (a town where I was ill on family trip more than 30 years ago). I'm glad I have friends to drive me when I begin chemo.


Anonymous said...

Your birthday treat looks wonderful. To think I've been settling for cake all these years.

How exactly does one manually spin wet laundry?

Love to you,