Chemo Plan

Today was the last day of radiation so now I can load up on vitamins C and E to boost the healing of my skin.

On January 10th I begin the next step in kicking butt. The plan is for 4 3-week cycles of CEF (Cyclophosphamide · Epirubicin · Fluorouracil) chemotherapy and 8 2-week cycles of Docetaxel. I toured the chemotherapy treatment room where my weight and height were measured and all the possible side effects and how they can be dealt or coped with were kindly explained with advice to get an even shorter hair cut.

Regarding ongoing hormonal treatment, they want me to continue with the Tamoxifen and add Armidex (Anastrozole - I thought was mainly for post-menopausal patients). These should keep my overabundant estrogen from feeding any cancer cells.

The nieces are here so I can't spend too much time on line but I will be researching more after the New Year and collecting books I haven't read to take with me when I go to relax in my reclining chair or bed in the chemo room for a few hours.

The nieces, by the way, are ever so pleasant; they cheerfully keep my 4 well entertained and wash dishes too. They offered to shop for and make dinner tonight, so J helped out and learned how to make "corn cream stew" with lots of onions, potatoes, carrots, a little chicken, a can of corn, roux, and milk. We're headed out to sightsee a little tomorrow.


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