Results OK

Today's radiation went as smoothly as always, with very little reading time in the lobby before my name was called. After the treatment, I took my file up to the third floor where I had an appointment with my main doctor at 11:30. There were several signs posted regarding doctors whose schedules were running late, mine among them. I took my book to the cafe on the sixth floor for a cappucino and returned to the exam reception area an hour later to wait for another 15 minutes before my name was called. My bone scan pictures and previous ultrasound pictures were on the wall mounted viewer when I walked in and the doctor informed me before I could even say hello that the results were fine. He clicked around on his computer and brought up the most recent blood work to confirm and inform that these results were also fine and said he wanted to wait until the radiation treatments have been completed before planning any specific chemotherapy menu. He also confirmed through examination that the lumps have diminished in size and sent me on my way to have another test tube of blood taken to repeat the blood work. Whew! And I made it back home in time to type this up before L gets home on his kindergarten bus.

I must look robust. A trio of old women at the bus stop were all complimenting me on my Japanese and asking me if I was a student. They acted very surprised to learn that I'm married and have 4 kids. "Did you marry really young?" they continued to ask shaking their heads in awe when I told them "I'm 41." Must have been the rosy cheeks from the overheated hospital...


Anonymous said...

Oh Kathy, I am sitting here with a silly grin and tears streaming down my face. I am just so happy for you. If I am this happy I can't even imagine how you must be feeling!

I am sending you all my love.