Stategy Update

Hair Strategy - Wednesday I had a little time so I went to a hair salon near our station and asked for advice about a hairstyle for chemotherapy. The sweet young man (cute too) said he'd had other clients who had lost some or all of their hair due to chemo but that they all had their hair back and were doing well by the next year and recommended a short, layered cut which will look OK if my hair only thins and minimize hair clean-up if all my hair falls out. As he was drying my hair he commented that with my volume, if I lost half of my hair I'd still have more hair than some of his clients. I'll try to get a picture of my new doo soon. I do notice that it's short enough that it doesn't move much, even in strong wind.

Radiation Strategy - Last Thursday my red guide lines seemed a little faded but the technician enthusiastically said "Oh, you're so close to finishing! I'll just write with my marker instead of using the dark red ink and brush." Today the head of the department gave me a check-over and the radiotherapy team decided that I only need 2 more days of high power x-rays and the remaining 5 days of radiation will be proton therapy, which is more focused and only reaches an inch or two in depth rather than going right through me. Less healthy tissue will be radiated, so this is good.