Today's hospital entertainment

was breakdancing between the amused wheelchair occupants. L loves the well polished floors and lies on his side, running around his own head in a nearly perfect circle, spin polishing the surface even more with his right sleeve and hip. Tomorrow is the Emperor's birthday, a national holiday, so I have a 3 day break before the final 3 days of radiation.

The tender skin under my arm doesn't look too good, but the rest of the radiated area is only slightly pink. The doctor exclaimed "That sure looks itchy." about the underarm. I refrained from commenting on how lucky I was that my surgeon (a different doctor) had left that area numb, not knowing if she'd consider this the bright side or not. Without the urge to scratch, I expect it will heal quickly. I will get an extra tube of steroid/antibiotic to tide me over during the New Year's holidays, when the hospital will be closed for about a week except for emergencies. I may not have much time to post much here while the kids are all home until Jan. 10th.