Not Much Happening

It was an uneventful week. I had a blood test on Wednesday and things are as expected. The doctor and chemo room nurse were surprised that I was relatively unaffected by the treatment regarding fatigue. The anti-nausea medications worked well and I never felt ill. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics for me to take if and when I get a fever as my white blood cell count is lower than usual (as expected). I assume that the fatigue and other effects are cumulative and that I won't be so lucky all the time but was relieved that I felt as well as I did. Whew!

Thursday evening L, N and I went to a curry rice dinner party for N's 2nd grade class and had a good time while M and J relaxed at home enjoying big girl time. We expect a couple of inches of snow tomorrow so I guess I should go dig out some more gloves so we can all go out and play.