Wig Show - Photos by an 8yr Old

Wig Show - Photos by an 8yr Old
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We had some fun trying on wigs this week. I like the two on the left best. The lower right style is a little grannyesque, but not bad for a $13 wig. The $2,000 wigs in the local shop didn't look much better.

I'm taking antibiotics for 3 days to get rid of a low grade fever and sniffles before Tuesday's chemotherapy. Otherwise, I feel fine.

I took N and L to storytime and origami lessons at the elementary school this morning where the pleasant old woman teaching complimented L on his wonderful Japanese. He listened carefully and managed to do fairly well with the origami too.


Dalene said...

Hi, I am a breast cancer survivor who found your blog by searching for blogs to add to my annotated list of breast cancer surivior blogs. I have read through all your posts and enjoy experiencing life in Japan through your posts. Do you mind if I add your blog to the annotated list at Rutabaga Stew? BTW, the wig in the top right photo looks identical to the one I had. As soon as my hair was 1/8 of an inch long again, I stopped wearing a wig at all. It sounds like you are doing really well on the chemo! from what you describe. Please let me know if I can share a link of your blog with others at my blog.

Trish said...

I think I like the top right one the best. It's a good 'cut' for your bone structure.

Anne in Luxembourg said...

Kathy, I prefer the upper 2 best. I love reading your blog and nearly "feeling" your positive attitude through all of what you're going through. Hang in there sweetie. Big hugs from your luxemburgish friend... Anne... =)

Anonymous said...

I like the two on the left as well. I also like the top right hand one...you look very hip. I don't think the bottom right hand one is "grannish." It's just not as nice as the others.

It's so nice to see your face!

Love, lisa

Midori said...

I like the two on the top, especially the left hand corner one. I know this all must be a very hard time for you all but you are dealing with it so positively. Fingers crossed everything will continue to progress as expected.