Doing OK

The 2nd chemo treatment went OK on Tuesday morning, but I messed up a little with the timing of the anti-nausea pills and got sick in the evening. A good night's sleep, rest the next day and careful timing of the pills after that worked and I was able to teach my Wednesday evening classes. I biked around doing errands today and feel fine.

Mrs. Y came over and took me and the kids out for dinner at the local "family restaraunt" (similar to Denny's) while S was out teaching. The kids were their usual overly energetic selves so I was glad we had seating in the back corner of the non-smoking section (they still have them in Japan)away from most of the other diners. It'll be a few years before I dare take them to any upscale places to eat (Image: feeding frenzy). Mrs. Y, of course, was perfectly mannered and pleasant company. She encouraged everyone to order and eat all sorts of food so we are all now extremely full. Thank you Mrs. Y, we were very glad to see you today.


Dalene said...

I came by to see how you are doing. How wonderful Mrs. Y came by to take you and your children out to dinner. Very very glad to hear that the chemo did not make you sick for very long, thank goodness for anti-nausea medicine. Hope you are still feeling quite okay today.