New School Year

L skipped and danced all the way to school for his entrance ceremony today and sang along very loudly with the second graders when they sang their welcome song because he knew and liked the song. The teachers got a kick out of the extra voice competing enthusiastically with the second graders. The school mark has been sewn on to the yellow hat the first graders wear to and from school and we've written his name on every item he'll be taking to school in his black school backpack tomorrow. He volunteered to take an early bath, brushed his teeth without being asked to and set out his clothes for tomorrow. Now I need to find a handkerchief (the schools don't have paper towels or air dryers so the kids use their own handkerchieves to dry their hands after washing) that isn't flowery and pink for his pocket...why do we have a drawer full of Hello Kitty handkerchiefs and only a single dinosaur handkerchief?

Tomorrow J has her jr. high school debut so I can wear the same outfit again. She'll wear her uniform. I doubt that she'll skip and dance but she does seem a little excited. Time to get some lights out before any second winds hit and the kids never get to sleep.