6 More Weeks

J had a day off yesterday to make up for the rainy Saturday she spent at school in classes (as opposed to enjoying the annual sports day which has been postponed until tomorrow or Thursday, weather permitting). Having outgrown all the hand-me-downs from her Kyushu cousins and a few other friends, she was happy to qualify for some new clothes. Taking the chance while we had it, we sent the younger siblings off to elementary school to train for their sports day (next Saturday) and we invited a 7th grade friend to join us to shop in Sengawa, where I used to live in my single days. We biked over and enjoyed banana mocha frappuchinos before shopping. The friend was glad to help J choose a few tops and bottoms and they both seemed to enjoy time away from their younger siblings. We went to an inexpensive pasta place for lunch to top off our "Ladies' Day Out." So much nicer than McD's and happy meals.

I had the ninth of twelve chemo treatments today and just missed the bus for my neighborhood. The next bus was bound for Sengawa so I took a detour and had coffee at a fairly new cafe which has facilities for live performances. Some of the performances are free, others are quite upscale ($40 cover charge). A trio with a tenor sax which recently played in a larger group at the Blue Note Tokyo will perform for three evenings in June. I move away and look what happens to the neighborood!

Only 2, 4, 6 weeks to go until the treatments are finished and I won't have any excuses for meandering. Then it's a few tests and continued vigilance.


Anonymous said...

Six more week---I'll be counting down the days along with you, Kathy.

Glad to hear your hair is growing back already. I saw a really cool older Japanese woman with a nifty super-short crew cut the other day. Maybe that's a new look to think about. Punk mom!


Elizabeth from MIJ

Midori said...

Nice to hear that your treatment will be over soon and things are going well. I agree that the punk mum look might be the way to go!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,
Skimmed over your blog and I'm glad to hear you don't have to do any school PTA stuff or the mansion treasurer job any more. You must be busy enough with just the kids and your work and your doctor appointments.

Excuse me for being naive/ignorant, something, but is that a real photo of your son and all the girls? Also of you and hubby dancing? If so, you look like a million dollars!

Best wishes,
Barb Satori