Sumo Again

L and N participated in this year's elementary school Sumo tournament at the local shrine. L beat three other kids but lost his chance to be in the semi-finals in his fourth match. N was a little shy about pushing someone other than a sibling around and was dragged and pushed around and finally out of the ring in her only match. She seemed to have fun anyway, not wanting to come home for ice cream because it was more fun to help the high school girls hand out consolation priizes. The high school girls didn't mind and even asked her to pose with them for a few photos. This was the last year that M could have wrestled but she was too embarrased to sign up. There were only two sixth grade girls, so she could have had at least a bronze medal. She had fun cheering for L and his friends in the morning and spent the rest of the day with friends in the park. I broke out the sunscreen for the day outside, not wanting to burn (or even tan) in the sunshine. My oncologist has advised against overexposure to sunlight while getting chemotherapy and I can't wear long sleeves in the humid heat of Tokyo's summers. The wig is a little uncomfortable in the heat too, but I now have about a half of an inch of hair so I may be able to get away with a very short summer hairstyle.