After 10 days of observation with the plastic splint, the dentist has sculpted a porcelain cap onto J's front tooth and she no longer has a jagged smile. L, on the other hand, is missing both front teeth and is enjoying his gappy grin, pushing food out like a pasta press. J will keep the clear plastic splint a while longer (maybe even all summer) but she was able to eat corn on the cob (a gift from a neighbor) today without difficulty.

I've been a little groggy in the afternoon all week long but am not sure if this is from accumulated chemotherapy fatigue or because is just plain hot and humid. A 30 minute nap does wonders. I look forward to the end of treatment and hope the following tests show that I've beat the cancer.


Dawn said...

Kathy after you visited my blog I had to stop by and see yours. It was truly interesting reading about another woman going through daily routines with kids and family and dealing with cancer, just like me, but living in Japan. Hang in there, you're almost done.

Tigermama said...

Hi Kathy,

I hope you are feeling healthy (and happy) and that the chemo was successful and is now FINISHED.