Front View of Granny K

Front View of Granny K
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This is the "before" picture, 50 extra pounds and someone else's curly silver hair. It may take a few months but I hope to post an "after" picture with fewer chins and more hair.


Anonymous said...

oh honey, It's going to be ok! I'm sorry you got someone else's hair. Hopefully they will show up and ask for it back and your own hair will arrive.

I think you've got sort of a cool Emilou Harris thing going on. That whole "young chick with white hair" look can be very hot.

As for the 50 lbs....

I am sure it will be gone once you get your energy back. I think it would be impossible for you to keep any extra weight on your regular schedule. Hey, you can always borrow some extra children and strap them to your body while you go ride your bike to go grocery shopping.

Lisa in Ithaca