The Next Step

My oncologist showed me the recent CT scan and mammogram results and there are no problems in my breasts. The spots detected in my right lung in the March CT scan have decreased in size during the remainder of my chemotherapy sessions (which doesn't necessarily mean they are cancer) and we will continue to monitor them. The next step now is more hormonal therapy to keep the estrogen down. My prescription is for one tablet a day of Fareston brand toremifene, which works like tamoxifen and attaches itself to estrogen hungry cancer cells before they can chow down on estrogen. I got a 35 day supply so I don't have to go back until September unless I have weird reactions to the drug. Hurray, a break!

Tomorrow M leaves for a three day trip to the beach on the other side of Tokyo Bay on the Chiba Peninsula with the entire sixth grade. N will be the new "Ichiban" while the usual ichiban, J, and the previous substitute, M, are away. M will return in time for this weekend's festival near our station and the annual apartment building summer dinner party in the lobby (sushi, tempura, sandwiches, yakitori, green edamame soybeans, watermelon and draft beer).

Today N and L, soon to be 9 and 7 respectively, are designing birthday cakes on our ample supply of recycled paper. N is thinking along the lines of a shaved ice cake with strawberry and Blue Hawaiian syrup shaped into a heart. We'll have to make and eat it very quickly before it turns into Kool-Aid. Her second choice is layers of melon and watermelon on a round cake. Hmmm.

For some reason, L wants a cake decorated to look like an eyeball. His second choice is a chocolate Japanese turd shaped cake (looks like a soft-serve vs. the American oblong images). The first choice may be easier to make; I can probably bake it in the small stainless steel mixing bowl. He's talking about frogs now as I type and we may be able to get away with a watermelon carved out to look like a frog with balls of melon and watermelon in its mouth...


Tamah said...

HOORAY, HOORAY, HORRAY...what a nice reprieve to feel 'free' not to go back for tests until September.

How is the weight managment coming along? Posting your pre-meds pic as your 'image goal' is a fabulous affirmation. From today I have started wearing a pedometer....and went to the Coop last evening and bought good veggies, fruit, etc. Now that school is finally over, I should be able to give attention to what I put in my mouth.

I check into your blog now and again and look forward to your updates.

Tamah Nakamura