S Breaks Down and Submits to Medical Exam

S asked me "Where can I get a scan?" yesterday, making it sound like he wanted to scan some document or photo. "What's wrong with the scanner at the classroom?" I ask, to which he shakes his head and I suddenly understand that he actually has decided to do something about his increasingly numb hands and arms. I quickly pulled out a list of hospitals near here that have MRI and CT scan equipment and are within cycling distance. One hospital website even showed the number of surgeries in a year for neurological problems with the number of neck surgeries specified (500 total, 35 neck). I had written it all in the Chinese characters that I found on the various websites and he was impressed enough to choose one and go for a check up. Hooray!

He came home in a neck brace with a schedule of MRI scans, physical treatment and further exams. I think he was probably waiting for me to finish up with my treatment so he could have a turn but has finally understood that he'll never get a turn if he continues to think that we have to take turns taking care of our health. I hope that he will refrain from Sunday softball for a while until he understands what is causing his trouble.