Thankful for Good Friends and Good Food Today

U.S. Thanksgiving happened to fall on a Japanese holiday this year, so the kids were out of school for the day. An American friend a few stations away offered to host a Thanksgiving get-together at her house so I took the younger two children (J has mid-terms tomorrow and needed some quiet time and M had other social plans), a big bowl of mashed potatoes and a smaller bowl of Japanese pumpkin to enjoy the day. Other multicultural familes brought homemade cranberry sauce, coffee cakes, pumpkin cheese cake, salad with feta cheese, and really good wine. The hostess procured and prepared the turkey, made stuffing and baked a pecan pie. It was all delicious but now I want to order a case or so of the Australian Shiraz that was so smooth. Mmmmmm, antioxidants are good for me, right?

The relaxing day was just what I needed after the first half of the week, which was a little busy. I resolved my problem of having to be in two places at once by calling my new oncologist to confirm that he had all the data he needed for my next consultation and learning that the cell samples hadn't arrived yet. That meant I would have no reason to truck all the way downtown and rush back to check S out of his hospital so it made the day a little less hectic. The strategy meeting has been rescheduled for 9 a.m. on the 6th of December (2 days after I go there for an ultrasound of my head to confirm the absence of cancer there and, hopefully, the presence of some form of brain) so I get to take the early morning trains with six million other people. I think I'll wear a disposable mask.

S has an appointment on the 4th of December too, to discuss treatment now that the tests have been completed. He wasn't too confident of the doctors' style while they tested him; he thought they were bumbling more than they should have been indicating that they were unfamiliar with the process. From his description, it sounds like they gave him a spinal tap but they may have just been injecting the contrast for the imaging. He's sure they've permanently damaged the nerves in his lower back when they should have been working higher up. He did admit to feeling much better when he returned to his own futon some of his discomfort is most likely from his general dislike of hospitals. He was well enough to take J out for sushi for lunch today and hold a study session at our classroom for the students who have tests tomorrow. Whew.


Vicky said...

Thanks for checking my blog! I had no idea you were reading it, but I'm very glad to know that you are.

Thanksgiving is a foreign concept for me, as a Brit - the ones that you lot were thankful for escaping from! But I wish we could join in with such an event, as it seems to me that one day a year to contemplate how much we have to be thankful for is a very good thing. Maybe I should just go ahead and institute it in our family anyway!