S has been a good patient and the nurses have shown me how to help him into his neck brace. The stitches come out on Friday. Saturday morning I get a crash course in how to wash his hair around the brace and then they say he can come home if he promises to stay in his futon for a week or two. He's considering using a taxi instead of his original plan to get one train to Shinjuku, walk through one of the world's busiest stations to catch another train out to our station. I'm grateful that the doctor, nurses and our friends who have visited him have encouraged him along this line.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for the doctors, nurses, and other friends who are helping your husband get sensible about his early recovery routine. I am very able and just walking through Shinjuku Station to transfer fatigues, exhausts, totally tires me. It is not just the distances one must walk underground there, it is also the CROWDS of HUMAN BODIES - and even more of the them during this holiday season. Amazing how you manage with this man, Kathy. So grateful for those 'other voices' full of common sense.

Love, Tamah