Good News

The results on possible genetic blood disorders have come back and the news is good. I don't have the "faulty" gene that messes up my blood clotting abilities (or rather ability to stop clotting at the right point) or any other conditions that increase susceptibility to clotting and the blood clots are most likely from the Tamoxifen after all. This means I don't need Coumadin just yet and pressure stockings, walking and a little bit of daily aspirin should do the trick.

It was so uplifting to be told that I don't have an inherited condition
that I might just become a hypochondriac and go get tested for all
sorts of things so I can hear that I don't have them. Let's see, I know I don't have an under active thyroid, I'm not pregnant with quadruplets (even if I look like I might be...) I don't have plantar warts, my liver is healthy, my cholesterol is low(per to monthly blood tests)...there is all sorts of good news.

Today we take M to the junior high school for uniform fitting and purchasing a couple hundred dollars worth of gym suits and authorized school shoes. J's uniform already seems a little small even though we bought it "large enough to grow into" last year so we'll probably be a little more generous on the growth predictions this time around.