Down to the last 12 hours

This morning was the elementary school "Farewell Sixth Graders" event and the sixth grade moms were invited to observe the entire school saying good-bye and good luck to the children who will graduate in two weeks. L's grade played a song called "Sanpo" from the movie "My Neighbor Totoro" and N's grade played and sang their own original version of "Puff the Magic Dragon" very well. All the moms, myself included, had a good cry and the sixth graders returned all the musical greetings with a performance of part of the Dvorak's "New World Symphony" on recorders, pianicas, a piano, a few xylophones, a big drum and some tympanies. I may have missed a few instruments, but the performance was dynamic and impressive for a group of 11 and 12 year olds.

Tomorrow is the first day of my new cancer treatment regime. I'm waking up the kids a little early tomorrow so I can make sure they actually get up and eat breakfast before I leave for my early a.m. appointment. S will make sure they get out the door for school in time.

I did a few days worth of grocery shopping this morning and had the store deliver it all as it was too much for my bicycle and delivery is free. Now I don't have to worry about hungry children for a while.

I am very glad for the outpouring of support from friends and family that has made it possible for me to jump right in and blast away at this cancer.


cecilia said...

Hi Kathy,

Wishing you smooth sailing today.

Best wishes,