Last Week of School

This week's Herceptin went well. As it isn't one of those drugs that reduces white blood cells or causes nausea, I didn't need a pre-treatment blood test or steroid IV so I was finished and on my way before lunch time on Friday. I asked about a better day than Fridays as we have upcoming graduation, birthday and other important days on the next few Fridays so now I'll be on a Tuesday schedule and don't have to go until the 27th.

M's graduation is next Friday. S will take my afternoon class so I can go with M to the post grad bowling extravaganza. Then it will officially be spring break, although the children will all have only half days this week and a holiday on Wednesday so we're already on the three meals a day schedule. Fortunately it's still cold enough to have cook-in-a-pot-at-the-table fish and vegetable nabe (sort of like bouillabaisse).


Shirley said...

I've been reading your blog since the summer. I'm sorry to her that you're having a hard time. But I admire your positive attitude in the face of so many difficulties. I love how you described all the songs at the graduation.
I've never written because I was afraid of saying the wrong thing. Unfortunately I recently did that. Do you have any advice on how to be a friend in these stressful times?
Shirley in Hachioji

Anastasia said...

dear kathy
i'm glad to hear you're doing fine with this new medicine....i'm praying that it will work with cancer as you expect to....in the meantime keep being that way positive sweetie...i'll be here reading your posts till you'll be back with us on board
with love from greece