Back to School

Three out of four returned to school today for a morning. M's entrance ceremony will be on Monday. I have a very nice Anne Klein black pants suit to wear as a lovely woman in the breast cancer survivors yahoo group I joined decided to cheer me up with a box full of nice clothes and even some treats for the kids. M will wear her new school uniform, which is the same as J's but a few sizes smaller. I'm glad that I won't need any anti-nausea medications or a wig for this year's ceremony because Herceptin is not so caustic as the chemo-cocktail I was on a year ago. I'm also glad that I can go at all and am sure to shed a few more tears at how grown-up M and her classmates all look in their clean new uniforms.

Next Tuesday I'll get an x-ray before my fifth treatment to monitor how the regime is working. I'm hoping that it is doing the wonderful things that I've heard it has done. If not...the next step will be to add another drug to the infusion, probably one called Navelbine, and get the hats and wigs out again for a while. I am comforted by the fact that there are options that I may try yet but am still hoping that the easy to deal with (physically anyway) Herceptin is working its magic. I'm also comforted by all the support I've been receiving through my cyber groups, emotional and financial.


cecilia said...

Hi Kathy,

Just wishing you well for tomorrow.

I'm thinking of you.