M has been admitted to the local junior high school and will begin her one mile walk there tomorrow morning with a big bag to carry all of her new textbooks home to be labelled with her name. Fortunately, by junior high school, the children can do this themselves and I won't have to write or stick her name on every tiny item she might need at school. The weather cooperated and a neighbor offered to take a family shot of the three of us so here it is:

I finally got over last week's cold and am ready to go tomorrow for an x-ray to see how the Herceptin is working and to get my weekly dose of it. I guess I'd better plan an easy breakfast and lunch for the kids who won't be up when I walk out the door or who will be home for lunch because the junior high doesn't begin school lunches until Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful looking family! I'd like to see your whole family together in a photo. I think you look great in that suit. I can't wear things like pant suits and wish I could. What a lovely spring photo.

Wishing you a great report tomorrow for your checkup!


Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow. I hope the spots have decreased significantly, if not disappeared altogether. Will be thinking of you.