Well into Spring

It's getting downright hot! The train to the Cancer Center runs in sort of a loop so I took the train in the longer, clockwise route instead of the usual jam-packed route this morning. It took about 15 minutes longer to reach Tsukijishijo Station, but I had a seat all the way and was able to relax after the crowded train in to Shinjuku. The treatment went well and I made it home in time to fry some noodles for S' lunch before heading off for parent-teacher conferences at the elementary school for L and N.

L and N's teachers tried hard to sandwich the difficult-to-say parts with news like "He/She is the fastest runner in the grade." or "He/She gets along well with the other classmates." L needs to work a little harder on his Chinese characters; he has trouble fitting them in the space provided and balancing the various components. N needs to slow down a little and do things one at a time; her work gets a little careless in her effort to finish first all the time.

J and M's school has returned to a three trimester system so we'll get report cards at the end of July and there won't be parent-teacher conferences until December, if then. Their school seems to cutting back on a number of things to get in enough hours of required classes. M is enjoying track and field and I'm the "parent supporter" in charge of relaying various club info to the other 7th grade moms. Fortunately, I can e-mail most of the messages on my cell phone of by computer.

We're gearing up for the annual Kiddy Sumo on the 20th, the elementary school sports day on the 26th and the junior high school sports day on June 2nd. That's a lot of rice balls...