Time flies!

It's already time for another ultrasound exam of my heart to make sure the Herceptin isn't doing me in faster than the cancer would have. I haven't had any palpitations (but I haven't seen the new Johnny Depp "Pirates" movie yet) and have been walking and swimming regulary so I expect to come through with flying colors.

Speaking of colors, both junior high girls were on the "green" team last Saturday at their school's sports day. They ran fast but were not able to surpass the "red" team this year. There weren't enough girls in their respective classes so both J and M were asked to run twice in the class relay race to even out the numbers. I washed and ironed the long green sashes that the school lent them to use as team headbands. They had Monday off to make up for the school event on Saturday.

M will run in a western Tokyo jr. high track and field event this weekend. L and N have school on Saturday as a special parents' observation day and emergency/disaster school pick-up drill. They get next Monday off while J & M head off to school as usual. I hope to pick them up at school on Saturday and rush off to the station with a bag full of onigiri to head out to the track where M will be running as it is her first event and we'd like to be there even if she's going through the "Oh no, I'm so embarassed my little sister and brother are here!" stage. Knowing my luck, we'l get there just after she finishes. At least we can see some of her teammates compete and walk around Minami Osawa on the way home.

Next weekend is the junior high Saturday observation day so J & M will be home the Monday after that. That's four Monday's in a row with two kids home. It confuses my sense of time a little and I never seem to know what day it is anymore.