Typhoon No. 9

Today's after-school activities have all been cancelled and the students have been sent home promptly as the edge of this season's ninth typhoon has reached Tokyo. Heavy winds and much rain are expected when the main part of the storm hits Tokyo around 7 p.m. today so I rushed out and stocked up on beer for S. The children each came home with a letter informing me that school will not be canceled but rather postponed tomorrow so they don't have to walk through the worst of the wind and rain which is scheduled to stop abruptly at noon.


AZmomto7 said...

I saw that one, and of course again thought of Sharon, I don;t suppose I will ever be able to look at a hurricane again without thinking of her.

You will be OK, won't you? I was happy to hear you are going to just Herceptin soon. Think of you often, pray for you daily. Thanks for reading and replying to my blog!

tzonakos said...

Hello from Greece, i read on Yahoo news about new storms in Japan's coast.
We don't have such huge storms here, and schools stop only on heavy snow.
The climate changes so we don;t have heavy winters anymore, but storms are more often and summer more hot ( 110F ).
It is good that you know when the storm starts and when it ends so you can remain safe.

Anonymous said...

so you had a typhoon there...has everything calmed down now?was scary indeed?
as tzonakos has said we have never experienced one here in greece..thanks god about it!