Here she is. The name "Koro" is equivalent to "Spot" as N excitedly referred to the yet unnamed addition to the household as "the dog" when she thought it was her turn to hold it and pet it last week. She kept shouting "Who has the dog? I want the dog!"

Things have calmed down considerably and Koro seems happy to have people around 24/7, gladly curling up on the closest available lap. S was a little gruff about how much responsibility a pet will be and how we shouldn't have one, but he has been caught coo-cooing and playing with the kitten on several occasions and has inquired about the kitty food supply a few times, so Koro is here to stay.


coarse gold girl said...

Koro is adorable! What a cute kitty! Boy or girl? looks like a girl. (face shape).

Oooohhhh if her eyes stay blue it will be so cute. My blue eyed russian grey now has yellow eyes. but still, out of all my babies at least one of 'em had baby blues, even it was only for their infancy! (both my daughters have dark brown eyes like their Dad.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos - what a lovely kitty! She's (I think she's a she, too!) a 'kiji neko'. Kiji's are smart and loving, usually. I've had two of them - both strays. Both lived to ripe old ages of about 15 yo or so. Always were happy to be on our laps and be petted. [called 'kiji' for the pheasant-striped pattern]. So glad she's part of the family.


AZmomto7 said...

Koro is adorable, such a cute "dog" LOL It is funny how well kittens ingratiate themselves into our lives.

She looks very young.

Hugs from AZ,