HATS HATS HATS! Free Shipping!

I just updated my links on this blog to include a link to CJ Hats, a company founded by an Inflammatory Breast Cancer survivor who really understands about comfortable head wear and full coverage. I have about an inch of hair in some places now (this time around I have a very receding hairline and look like Phil Collins), in spite of the continuing chemotherapy and I am very glad to have nice hats to keep my head warm and comfy so I don't have to wear wigs everyday. Some of my hats are from friends here in Japan who have knitted, crocheted or sewn them and others are from CJ Hats. Mary Ann, the owner, offers advice and encouragement in addition to a very large variety of hats at very reasonable prices.

Right now, CJ Hats has a FREE SHIPPING OFFER and it's WORLDWIDE! (Friends here in Japan are often frustrated by the lack of international shipping services when shopping on-line). The site http://www.cjhats.com/ explains that shipping within the U.S. is free for orders over $50 and internationally for orders over $75.