The first week on this oral chemotherapoy went well enough; minimal nausea, no allergic reactions, slight fatigue. The only effect I was concerned about was swelling of my feet and ankles so the new and comfortable SAS shoes sent to me in the mail were too small. I'd been gleefully walking around in them for a few weeks and then BLAM! an alien replaced my already large feet with even bigger ones. A few nights of sleeping with my feet up on a chair resolved that and I can walk on my triple cushioned wonders again. Whew!

I had my Herceptin drip on Tuesday and then spoke with Dr. F. who'd been out lecturing at Tokyo University that morning. We decided that things are good so far and he gave me a two week prescription and sent me upstairs to get a baseline x-ray so we can compare in July.

Wednesday I rode out to the immigration office in Tachikawa with a friend who needed to get a re-entry permit. We met with another friend for lunch and laughs before driving home again to get ready for Wednesday evening classes.

This morning I decided to take a short nap after getting the kids off to school and the garbage out. I dozed off at about 8:30 and woke up when L came home from school after 3:00. Just a short nap...I'm not sure if it's a Xeloda side effect or if I just needed to catch up a little after those nights of half-sleep when I was keeping my feet up on the chair...I'm well rested for the upcoming sports days at each school at any rate. Now to plan all the picnic lunch boxes.


AZmomto7 said...

Swollen feet do not sound like much fun, I am glad you got a good nap in! Praying Xeloda is your magic bullet!