Hmmmmm and Wow!

Dr. F showed me the CT scan results from last week. The good news is that the cancer has not spread anywhere outside of my lungs. The not bad but still not great news is that the lung tumors are still slowly growing. I've only had the Xeloda oral chemo and Herceptin IV combination for two months, so the next scan, in October, will be the decision maker. I'll probably stop Xeloda then and go on to a IV chemotherapy drug called Navelbine. I haven't had any trouble with Xeloda side effects at any rate.

Tuesday I go in to have a portacath surgically inserted to a vein on my chest to facilitate the weekly IVs. No more poking and prodding search and destroy every week. In the U.S., this procedure is an outpatient one, in and out in a few hours. Here they keep people overnight. The kids have a few things they can cook and eat and there is a large variety of inexpensive take-out food nearby so I know I can relax during my night away.

A few months ago one of the domestic phone/media companies was offering 1,000 yen gift cards to people who responded to a survey. Women in an online group here requested that their gift card amount be offered as a contribution to help me with my medical costs. Last week 52,000 yen was sent to my account. I was awed by the support and am very thankful to know these women, some in person, most only in cyberspace.


Anonymous said...

Just checking in to see what's new with you. I hope you enjoy your overnight "port spa treatment". Lucky you getting to stay overnight. Sorry to hear the things in the lung are still there. I hope the Navelbine helps. It was originally developed for lung cancer and then the medical professionals discovered it can be used for breast cancer too. Accordking to research I read it may be more synergenic with Herceptin than Xeloda.
The birthday dessert looks both cute and delicious. The big news here is that the Hawaii born and raised presidential candidate is home for a visit.
Take care. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.