More Kool-Aid

I get a three week break from Herceptin starting today. We decided that the Herceptin and Taxotere regime has lost its effectiveness and that a stop-gap chemo until Tykerb becomes legally available here is the next step. A few years ago I had a Kool Aid red colored chemo called Epirubicin. From April 21st, I'll start a similar drug, Adriamycin. This one is orange, and is as toxic to the heart as Epirubicin so there's a "lifetime limit" to worry about. Herceptin also affects heart function adversely, so I'm taking a break to clear the system for a few weeks before blasting away with this old fashioned nauseating, hair reducing chemo once every three weeks for a while. Lucky that I have lots of good anti-nausea medications to make treatment a little smoother.

I skipped the Hercptin today but ahead and got my Zometa, the bone strengthening IV, today so I won't have to go in next week and I can enjoy J's entrance ceremony.

I'd expected a longer day of treatment and left lunchboxes full of chirashi sushi for the kids so I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and walk a few stations before heading home on the train. I went from Tsukiji to Jimbocho via Ginza, Yuurakucho, Hibiya (near the imperial palace) and Kanda. In Kanda there are a few large sporting goods stores and one of them had boxes and boxes of various training wear out on the sidewalk on the final day of a blowout sale (or maybe they just fell off the back of some truck...) Brand name tee shirts, cotton tennis slacks and jerseys for 300 yen each, the sign said. "J needs sportswear for high school..." I thought as I rummaged through the boxes and battled my way into the bowels of the store where the cashier asked if I had a "service card." The walk was a spur of the moment idea and the discovery of the sale pure luck so of course I had no service card. Did this mean I couldn't partake in the bargains? I must have looked a little panicky because the nice guy told me that it wasn't a problem and he rang up my purchases for 243 yen each so J's gym wear cost me a total of 729 yen. He gave me a "service card" for 20% off on my next purchase. I still don't know where he plucked 243 yen from though. Oh well, I like nice guys, it was a nice treat to get a bargain on something I needed to buy anyway and walking is good for my heart.

Tomorrow we're off in search of sakura (cherry blossoms) with onigiri rice balls and tea.


Lesley said...

Hi Kathy,

I just wanted to say hi and say that I am thinking about you -

Happy Easter and warm wishes,
Lesley Pettigrew